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A Gift From Brittany

A Gift From Brittany, by Marjorie Price, Copyright 2008

I picked this book up in a used bookstore in Quebec City this past December. Marjorie tells the story of how she left the comfort and stability of life in the US after university in 1960, and moved on her own to Paris to become an artist. She succeeds, and also takes on a French lover who is an artist in his own right.

They paint and live a leisurely Parisian life, marry and have a daughter. Soon, they buy a dilapidated group of buildings in Brittany, and proceed to renovate them (have you noticed a pattern? This is the 4th book in my list so far with this same theme).  Unfortunately, her French husband turns into a control freak with issues, and they end up divorced and after a few years of living in the small, isolated village, she sells the place and moves to Italy with her daughter.  But the stories she tells of the village and the people, especially the friendship she develops with an old woman across the road are beautiful.  You feel as if you know the people, as Marjorie does a great job describing them and their daily lives.

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