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La Belle Saison

La Belle Saison, Patricia Atkinson

La Belle Saison, By Patricia Atkinson, Copyright Random House, 2006

This book is the sequel to Patricia’s first book, best seller The Ripening Sun.  She’s a British woman who moves to Southwest France with her husband, and proceeds to renovate a dilapidated house and brings a vineyard back to life. She gets to know the locals, and together the till the land and help each other out. Meanwhile, her husband slowly fades from the picture, and she is left there alone.

I love her books for their setting, and for her stellar depictions of the French in that part of the country. My family goes to Southwest France every year, and it  is truly my favorite place on earth. I dreamed of having a vineyard there too, until I read Patricia’s account of working the land. She’s very, very detailed, and if you want to know exactly how to do it, this is the book for you. Me, I think I’d rather drink the finished product.

Her books did inspire me to just start writing, and I love her topics – the terroir, the people, the sharing of food.

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