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The Balkans, A Short History

The Balkans, A Short History, Copyright 2000, By Mark Mazower

A brief overview of the Balkan territory’s history, starting in the year 330.  I’ve read it to try and understand why this area is such a hotbed of war and strife, and to gain an understanding of the kind of political and economical atmosphere over the last few hundred years.

The autonomous territory of Vojvodina, where my ancestors settled nearly 250 years ago is smack in the middle of the Balkans, and they’ve lived under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through two Balkan wars, World War I, the formation of Yugoslavia, Nazi occupation, World War II,  Tito’s communism and then Milosevic, the downfall of communism, the break up of Yugoslavia, the war in Kosovo and the bombings by NATO states of Serbia.  And that’s just in the last 100 years!

It’s a relatively quick read, historically informative and eye opening.

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