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Vojvodina Slovak Food Recipes


Ajvar Ajvar, also known as Serbian Salad or Salsa, is a delectable saucemade from roasted red peppers, garlic and eggplant. 


Bramboráčky – “White Death” These Potato Pancakes are called “white death” because of the inclusion of bacon, and their not-to-healthy ingredients. But they are really delicious. 


Bramborová Polévka This Potato Soup recipe has a distinct flavor contributed by parsnips. 


Houkové Knedlíky Knedliky is a starch used in place of bread and potatoes in a meal.  It’s really boiled bread, and I’ve served it with duck, paprikash, stuffed peppers and with goulash. 


Cesnakova Polievka (Slovak Garlic Soup ) Pauline used to make great soups. This is one of the simplest, and very tasty. 


Chicken Paprikash with Halushky Pauline used to make this Chicken and Potato meal for her family all the time on the farm. As a kid I loved to smell it cooking on the stove, and even more, I loved to eat it. 


Dede’s Veal Paprikash Jaro’s parents, Deda and Mamika,  made this delicious Veal Paprikash, in honor of my visit to Bački Petrovac.  The sauce was incredibly smooth, like a baby’s bottom, and the veal was tender and tasty.  Use of the best Hungarian Paprika is essential. 


Kachna with Kyselé Kraut Duck with Sauerkraut is served with the knedliky. The duck is baked on top of its innards, adding flavor and richness to the sauce. 


Palicinky Palicinky are Slovak Pancakes, a bit thicker than crepes, and better tasting, I think.  These have yeast and vanilla sugar in them, and have a wonderful, sweet and savory flavour. 


Palicinka Lasagne Creamy lasagna with a twist – crepes instead of noodles. 


Sul-ance od Babicky These Potato Dumplings with Poppy Seeds and Plums were my favorite dessert in Slovakia.  It uses Bransom plums, which are common in Slovakia and in Vojvodina, but are virtually unheard of here. They are shaped like grapes – as long as your thumb, and oval. 


Sviečková na Smotane Beef with Cream Sauce is a rich, heavenly dish best served with a side of green vegetables, such as steamed Swiss chard or spinach. 


Zapekana Fazule My cousin Daniela’s husband, Jaro, made this Cassoulet one day for lunch. It was my favorite comfort food of the trip to Vojvodina. 


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  1. Elizabeth Mrazik permalink
    December 16, 2015 12:20 pm

    I’m looking for a dish my gma made. She came to America from Slovakia and I loved her cooking. It was called (spelling wrong I’m sure) Eaternitchke. I think it had rice vegetables and pulled pork or beef. It was so good.

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