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These are stories about my Slovak family going back over 200 years, usually somehow related to food, because that is what we love to grow, pick, make, serve and eat, especially together with friends and family.

Category The Blog What it’s About
About being Slovak and Female
Slovak is a language of Love What being Slovak means to me
If you have baked me, so you shall also eat me The story of Juro Janosik, the Slovak Robin Hood
Slovak Women – Beautiful, but is that all? Who are Slovak women?
If You Are Not Drinking With Us, You Are Drinking Against Us My family’s contacts across the oceans, wars and generations
Slovak Women of Vojvodina About traditional Slovak women
Celebrating the Female Business Leaders of Washington DC About being a female CEO in the 21stcentury
Paul and Maria Milec,Pauline’s Parents So far, mostly stories about WWI
Coming to America, V1.0 When Paul and Maria first came, to the US, in 1907/8
Back Home in the Austro-Hungarian Empire Going back home
Drafted to the Army, Paul is captured and now a POW WWI Starts
A Volunteer Army with no Country is Formed Czechoslovak Legion is formed
Get me out of here! Legion is stuck in the Russian Civil War
Brother in America, why don’t you join our army? Call for Slovaks around the world
All hell breaks loose Fighting the Bolsheviks
Cold blooded murder Russian Czar and family are murdered
To Strangle at Birth Czechoslovakia is formed, 1918
Dream of Moonstruck Idealists WWI ends
Around the World and Home at Last Two years after the end of WWI, the Czechs and Slovaks go home
The Long Walk Home, Part I Paul walks home across Siberia
The Long Walk Home, Part II Paul arrives home, 1920
And then there were Two Death in the Milec family
Expropriation and the End of a Dream The bank takes their money
That Son of Mine Ludwig, the Milec’s oldest child
Child of my Right Hand Another death in the Milec family
A Decent Man Bakes Kifle Paul goes back to work in the bakery
Where Fields of Poppies Grow The poppy flower and its symbolism
Greenies Augustus Sherman photos, Ellis Island immigrants
The Women Who Sang their Way out of Jail Mother Jones and the Coal Miners
 Attila’s Successors Andrew Carnegie and the brutality of work in the mines
Masters of the Universe Herbert Spencer, Lewis Hine, Andrew Carnegie and life as an immigrant Slovak
Frickin’ Hell The daily deaths of Slovak steel workers in 1895
The Wrinkled Peapod Eugenics and the Gegor Mendel
Barbarianism of the Huns Canadian internment camps for Eastern Europeans, WWI era
Milec Friends and Family
Ondrej the Good Shepherd Milec family friend
Gypsy Gold Pauline’s first cousin Mihai
Land of Opportunity and Freedom Mihai leaves for the US
Some Work, Others Merely Daydream Mihai has a whirlwind romance
The Shusters, Pauline’s Husband’s Family
Julia Pintir, the Woman Question Julia, Pauline’s mother in law, and what life is like for a woman born in the 1800’s in Eastern Europe
Educating Karolina Suster, the Slovak Girl Karolina, Pauline’s sister in law, defies society and dares to go to school
Star Lauder Karolina and Michal Suster’s friend Pavol the poet
The End of the Golden Horned Bull The Andel family and loss in Slovakia (Pauline’s in laws)
Cheating can have deadly consequences WWI and Michal and Marisa Suster
Kakaové – Čokoládové Plásty (Oblátky) Eating too much Plasty
Beethoven and the Barbequed Ox  Beethoven’s best friend, Niklaus Zmeskall, and my family
Chances Are The first triplets are born in Pivnice, 1800’s
October Sets the Gypsy Blood Astir Gypsies, then and now
Black and Blue Kovačica, Naive Painters, live in a Slovak village in Vojvodina
Man does not live on Bread, Alone Food and family
From the Frying Pan, into the Fire The Lamos family in Bratislava, 1946 – the Iron Curtain is about to fall
A Terrible Otherwise The Lamos family’s attempt to escape from communism
You had me at Ahoj Pauline meets Jaro
The Peasant and the Actor Jaro and Pauline acting in Slovak theater, 1930’s
First to the Front Jaro in the Royal Yugoslav Army


No Justice: To Karla on her 40thbirthday The unsolved murder of Pauline’s granddaughter
The Blind Man and the Valley of the Concave Heads The Blind grave digger and other stories from Dolny Kubin
Pass the Potatoes, Please WWII story from Dolny Kubin
About Food
Bread Rules Why I love bread
Chewing the fat Where old sayings come from
Ode to the Chicken Why I love chickens
Cooking for the Pope – Traditional Czech Recipes My day of cooking with a chef from Prague
Zapekana Fazoule – Slovak Cassoulet My favorite bean casserole, by Jaro
Dede’s Veal Paprikash Delicious veal from Jaro’s parents in Petrovac

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  1. Henock Zewdie permalink
    August 5, 2010 9:22 pm

    “If You Are Not Drinking With Us, You Are Drinking Against Us” I wish this was the 11th commandment.

  2. March 1, 2011 7:41 am

    Hi Tonya, please do e-mail me Nice to see your passion for slovak food and culture. Makes me feel very proud 🙂

  3. Ján Guba permalink
    May 2, 2011 2:56 pm

    Výborné. Tieto fotografie som prebral, ale mám málo údajov od nich, Ján

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